About Founder and Chairman of Mehdi Group

Dr. Mehdi Nassar is the chairman of Mehdi Group (Future power international is the subsidiary). Dr. Mehdi’s 21 years of business experience includes banking & Finance, sales & marketing of numerous products & Services. Management of various disciplines including design, engineering, and project management.

His leadership fosters an ethical approach to all stakeholders including customers, vendors, and employees. He has created an organization that welcomes new challenges and has established a culture that delivers creative solutions and doing what others might assume is impossible.

With over 20 years of diverse experience covering a variety of roles from Entrepreneurship to brand management, investment management, corporate finance, and strategy development. As founding father of the Mehdi Group, his primary focus on making Mehdi group a great place to work for is reflected in his permanent commitment to the development of the group’s talent strategy. Dr. Mehdi Nassar holds the doctorate degree in Economy from the Université de Genève, Geneva, Switzerland.

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